Paesaggio ed energie rinnovabili. Il supporto degli Enti territoriali ad una progettazione integrata

Raffaella Laviscio


The important role played by renewable energy plants (in particular wind and photovoltaics) and the conflicting relationship that they often establish with the landscape, has led Institutions and Territorial bodies to draft not mandatory tools to favor a quality design and, consequently, the landscape preservation. In the last twenty years, guidelines have been disseminated, both nationally and regionally, aimed at providing suggestions to promote a renewable energy landscape project, starting, first of all, from a fruitful comparison with the area of transformation. The paper offers a review of the contents of these tools; it reports, in particular, the case of the Province of Foggia whose guidelines stem from a research project that attempts to trace a method that goes from the consideration of the characteristics of the place to the delineation of design criteria that result from those characteristics. The comparison with some international practices makes it possible to reflect on ongoing critical issues and the potential of the process.


landscape compatibility; landscape preservation; renewable energy; guidelines; Province of Foggia

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