StrinGRID. Paesaggio, rigenerazione e reti di relazioni nel progetto dello spazio pubblico urbano

Anna Terracciano


The concept of landscape, as an interpretative and design device, is particularly useful to recognize the implicit transformative potential into the hybrid and widespread condition of contemporary city and territory. In this sense, to recycle places and materials, and more generally the urban regeneration is not more an isolate act, but a process to build new material and immaterial networks.
The reflections by this paper speak about the participation in an Ideas Context finalized to regenerate the public spaces in an urban centre of Napoli’s Metropolitan City. This project is not only an opportunity to rethink the urban design, but the intention is to build a landscape network able to penetrate and engage the two principal territorial systems, urban and rural, working on continuity elements, identity paths, limits and moreover on the relational dimension of spaces and urban functions.


landscape; recycle; urban design; green infrastructures; slow mobility

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