No 1 (2018)

Special Issue

Out of Waste Landscapes

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Table of Contents

Editorial (Current series)

Less Waste and Waste Towards Landscape: Needs and Opportunities PDF
Gabriele Paolinelli 5-7
Reversing the waste paradigm Waste Architecture Platform and beyond PDF
Anna Artuso, Elena Cossu 9-11

Articles - Thematic section (Current series)

Developing associative models to guide typological strategies for better integrating Waste to Energy plants in an urban context PDF
Hanif Kara, Leire Asensio Villoria, Elisabet Höglund, 12-35
The Architecture of Waste. Designing new avenues for public engagement with trash PDF
Jeannine Muller 36-53
Rehabilitation of the Hiriya Landfill, Tel Aviv PDF
Tilman Latz 54-67
A recovered landfill in the construction of a metropolis: The Valdemingómez project, over time PDF
Israel Alba 68-89
Wasteland rehabilitation in rural landscape: a design project in the Verona plain PDF
Andrea Bortolotti, Marco Ranzato 90-101
Afteruse of Landfills. Methodological approach, project requisites and relationship with the surrounding area PDF
Anna Artuso, Elena Cossu 102-117
Rethinking the Spaces of Waste Management Infrastructure: towards integrated urban strategies to avoid urban solid waste in contemporary city PDF
Saverio Massaro 118-133
Reclamation and architectural requalification of an old landfill using in situ aeration, phytotreatment of leachate and energy crops PDF
Anna Artuso, Elena Cossu 134-145
Eco-Innovative Solutions for Wasted Landscapes PDF
Marina Rigillo, Libera Amenta, Anna Attademo, Lorenzo Boccia, Enrico Formato, Michelangelo Russo 146-159
Community planning activities for rehabilitation projects in Italy. The positive case of the children participatory design on the area of Vergomasco landfill in Odolo, Brescia PDF
Monica Vercesi, Claudia Zaninelli, Piero Simone, Lorenzo Nettuno 160-173

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