La collaborazione tra servizi per la prima infanzia e famiglie in Francia e in Italia

Ingrid Natacha Callet


There is now an overwhelming scientific consensus on the importance of a collaboration between family and early childhood services (Brougère, 2005; Bennett, Rayna, 2005). This consensus also explains the omnipresence of this injunction of partnership both in official discourse and in regulatory texts (Brougère, 2005 Musatti et al., 2010). How this collaboration is it translated into the practices? This article investigates the relationships between day care centers and family in early childhood services in two European countries: Italy and France. Through in-depth interviews with educators in day care centers, our comparative research reveals how educators work with families. Through the analysis of educational practices of educators especially in the “routine”, the research results show first, two different conceptions of relationships with family and secondly, show that the collaboration between educators and family is differently organized in both countries studied.


early childhood education; collaboration; day care center; comparative education research; educational practices

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