Accogliere le diversità nei servizi per l’infanzia: i bambini con bisogni speciali

Laura Ricci


This article was created from a dissertation which dealt with the issue of children's special needs, with particular regard to the age group 0-3. It moves from the attempt, today more current than ever, of the educational services to consider the diversity of each individual no longer as a limitation but as a value that can enrich all those who come in contact with it. In this perspective, the recognition and enhancement of diversity are a central theme in educational debate. The text speaks about inclusive educational services and the features they must have to respond to the special needs of the children that they receive. At the conclusion of this work, interviews have been made to some managers of educational services, from different areas of Tuscany. These interviews were made in order to point out how educational services welcome children with special needs. The result is a picture showing how educational services take steps to receive the diversity in general, and in particular in terms of disability, inside the nursery schools.


diversity; children; early childhood education and care services; special needs; inclusive educational services

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