Formare genitori riflessivi. Il contributo di Enzo Catarsi

Enrica Freschi


This essay will focus on the issue of family education – intended as a learning context for parents – giving voice to the most significant aspects that distinguished Enzo Catarsi’s thinking. Catarsi prepared and activated many preparatory actions for the development of reflective parents, as people capable of managing responsibility linked to their roleindependently. Hismain aim was to improve parenting styles already present and implicit family potentials, through parental discussion and exchange, thus enhancing a promotional perspective linked to the concept of “empowerment”. A particular attention will be paid on the role of “family educator” who, according to Catarsi’s approach, can be carried out by an educator/teacher, who, through an appropriate training whose background coordinates are made up of both theories and empirical techniques, further enriches his/her educational professionalism, therefore contributing not only to promote the well-being of parents and their children but, in a wider sense, a better quality of life.


family education; training; relation; reflexivity; life skills

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