Figli “in vetrina”. Il fenomeno dello sharenting in un’indagine esplorativa

Davide Cino, Silvia Demozzi


This paper studies the issue of sharenting using exploratory research that examines how and why parents post material concerning their children on the Internet. After assessing a theoretical framework regarding the desire for visibility in the Western world, the results of an online survey conducted with a sample of 216 Italian mothers will be shown in order to explore the usage of Facebook groups for parents and of one’s personal Facebook page when it comes to parenting. Data suggest that participants rate Facebook groups for parents as useful tools to help people feel less alone and to get social support, especially regarding educational topics. Analysis was conducted in order to assess: a) what parents think about posting pictures of children online in terms of how their rights are respected and possible risks related to this exposure, b) whether receiving a “Like” increases this practice, and c) if sharenting may lead to more traditional forms of children spectacularization (i.e. children’s beauty pageants, talent shows, commercials, advertisements). Finally, hypotheses for new studies are listed.


childhood; parenting; sharenting; Facebook; children exposure

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