Ripensare la continuità educativa tra servizi per l’infanzia e famiglie in prospettiva zero sei

Francesca Linda Zaninelli


The integrated educational system from birth up to 6 years promotes the primary education of families by favoring their involvement in the educational and school community, confirming the horizontal educational continuity between families and services as an indisputable indicator of educational quality of the same. Starting from these considerations, the contribution is intended – inspired by the first work paths that some experimental and ongoing experiences seem to bring out – to outline possible inputs, ideas and actions to update, rethink and reshape practices and concepts in the light of cultural and pedagogical change that the integrated system will progressively introduce. Building a 0/6 educational and pedagogical culture is an opportunity to resume the knowledge of parenting cultures in services and to actualize and make them consistent with the new educational horizons, practices, forms and typologies of their new partecipation and partnership.


ECEC and families; educational continuity; integrated education system 0/6 years; coeducation; culture of childhood

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