Essere genitori di un figlio diabetico: punti di incontro e differenze di genere nell’evoluzione della nuova figura paterna

Natascia Bobbo, Chiara Bottaro, Silvia Lazzaro


Parents-child emotional attachment and a balanced educational style are associated with children’s well-being. Nevertheless, such dynamics can be modified by the presence, within a family system, of a chronic pathology afflicting one of the children. Type 1 diabetes is one of the most frequent pathology in pediatric patients. This paper presents and discusses the results of a qualitative study carried out with the involvement of a group of mothers and fathers of children and adolescents suffering with type 1 diabetes, cared for their follow-up by the Pediatric Clinic of Padua. Results stress that the new father partly is dimmed, and partly is deeply reinvented by new educational and therapeutic demands, coming from diabetes.


paternity; maternity; diabetes; education; qualitative research

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