Al di là di Telemaco. La questione psicopedagogica dell’eredità paterna

Mimmo Pesare


The article, through the metaphor of the Greek myth of Telegonus and his relationship with Ulysses, a never-known father, analyzes the question of symbolic legacy. The latter constitutes, from a pedagogical point of view, a fundamental issue: the father embodies the pact with a social bond. Telegony could be understood as a pedagogical poem of filiation without inheritance, the epic of symbolic orphanage that looks for the descendants of its roots in the figure of the absent father. From the encounter between the myth of Telegonus and Jacques Lacan’s psychopedagogy, emerges a deep thought about the modification of paternal figure: the father as a function not necessarily physical but above all symbolic, which allows the subject to inherit his path of subjectivation.


pedagogy; heredity; Telegony; Lacan; father

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