Sul padre e il disagio della civiltà, sulla funzione paterna, sulla paternità nella disabilità

Tommaso Fratini


The article intends to insert itself into the debate on the current crisis of the paternal figure and the sense of fatherhood, through the lens of civilization and its discontents. After a review of some functions of fatherhood, the experience of being a disabled father is examined. In a narcissistic society model in which great importance is attributed to the significance of power, the potential experience of impairment within the role of the father in disability invites us to reflect on the importance of an educational transmission of values that moves from depression and from depressive feelings as a starting point to support the children’s educational path in a personal search for their own autonomy, with an authentic and profound meaning, beyond the superficial myths of hedonism, homologation, and marketing.


father; education; paternal function; disability; civilization and its dicontents

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