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III (2008) New Evidence on the ‘Renovation Inscription’ at Tabo Monastery Abstract   PDF
Kurt Tropper
IV (2009) Once again on vyakti - vacane in Aṣṭādhyāyī I.2.51: śravaṇaḥ / śrava ṇā Abstract   PDF
Tiziana Pontillo
II (2007) Pāṇini 1.4.23: Emendation Proposal Abstract   PDF
Artemij Keidan
III (2008) Rights to Love and the Denied Self in Bollywood Films Abstract   PDF
Alessandro Monti
III (2008) Ritual Journey and Symbolic Journey: Elements of Pilgrimage to the Sufi Saints’ Shrines in Hyderabad Abstract   PDF
Mauro Valdinoci
III (2008) Royal Images and Ceremonies of Power in Nepal Royal Images and Ceremonies of Power in Nepal (17th-21st centuries) Abstract   PDF
Gérard Toffin
III (2008) Sacred Female Biographies in the Bon Religion: A 20th Century gTer-Ma Abstract   PDF
Donatella Rossi
IV (2009) Sulle antiche teorie indiane della musica. Un problema a confronto con altre culture Abstract   PDF
Giacomo Benedetti, Tito M. Tonietti
IV (2009) The Art of beginning Abstract   PDF
Cristina Pecchia
II (2007) The Broken Chain of Memory: an Obituary for T.V. Gopal Iyer Dettagli   PDF
Eva Wilden
III (2008) The Great Cōḷa Temple of Śiva in Darasuram Dettagli   PDF
Tiziana Lorenzetti
IV (2009) The King’s Elder Brother: Forest King and “Political Imagination” in Southern Orissa Abstract   Senza titolo ()   PDF
Raphael Rousseleau
II (2007) The Mahatma and the Maulana: Understanding Minority Politics in British India Abstract   PDF
M. Raisur Rahman
I (2006) The Role of the So-called Aśoka Inscriptions in the Attempt to Date the Buddha Abstract   PDF
Herman Tieken
I (2006) The Sanskrit-Old Javanese Tutur Literature from Bali. The Textual Basis of Śaivism in Ancient Indonesia Abstract   PDF
Andrea Acri
IV (2009) The Scope of Free Inquiry According to the Vīmaṃsaka - sutta and its Madhyama - āgama Parallel Abstract   PDF
III (2008) The True Hakim: an Obituary for Hakim Mohammed Said (1920–1998) Dettagli   PDF
Anna Vanzan
II (2007) Two Photographs from the Gerini Fund of the University of Naples “l’Orientale” Abstract   PDF
Anna Maria Quagliotti
II (2007) Unveiling (Indian) Philosophy: an Obituary for Daya Krishna Dettagli   PDF
Elisa Freschi
IV (2009) Urdu in India, Urdu in Kashmir. La politica linguistica al centro e alla periferia Abstract   PDF
Daniela Bredi
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