Documenti, formule e persone nelle carte di Avellino (X-XII secolo)

Paola Massa


The the notary documents analysis produced between Xth and XIIth centuries in Avellino, edited in the Codice Diplomatico Verginiano and in the Codex Diplomaticus Cavensis, allowed to bring out the existence of a periferal documentary well-defined system in which notaries and judges concur in building a practice, which only in the next century will be coded: in this area indeed, judges are beginning to be regarded by the practice as public officials, able to ensure firmitas and stabilitas to notary documents, well before Frederick II’s Constitutions. Notaries are moving with safety in a well-defined ‘district’ de facto, including the city and some neighboring towns, recording with shared uniformity specific typologies of agreement through the usual formal schemes and trying to find some new functional solutions to the new social and economic demands, thus overcoming the rigidity of traditional documentary patterns.


medieval latin documents of Southern Italy; medieval notaries of Southern Italy; Montevergine archives

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