Etant entendu que parler c’est exister pour l’autre. Le donne algerine nella guerra di liberazione

Jolanda Guardi


Until recent years the only scholarly reference about women in the Algerian revolution was Les femmes algériennes dans la guerre (Paris, Plon, 1991) by former fighter Djamila Amrane. Starting from 2000, a great deal of memoirs, books and essays have been published, authored by women and focusing both on women’s role and experience during the battle of Algiers, and on the revolutionary process in a broader sense. This paper focuses on some of these women’s narratives, underlying the difference between their narrations and the State discourse. Though tackling taboo subjects like torture and sexual violence, women authors are nevertheless aware of the social and political implication of their struggle; today, after sixty years of independence, they still struggle for their right to be full citizens of Algeria.


donne algerine; guerra d’Algeria; battaglia diAlgeri; donne combattenti; Algerian women; Algerian war; battle of Algiers; women fighters

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