Comment dire «non»? Du rôle de l’initiation des filles dans le combat contre le virus VIH, dans le nord de la Zambie

Anne-Marie Dauphin-Tinturier


How to say ‘no’. Girls’ initiation as a mean to prevent the spreading of HIV-virus in Northern Zambia – The existence of girls’ initiation is still one of the main features of the Bemba-speaking region in Northern Zambia, in spite of its being considered as gradually disappearing. Among the many functions of this ritual, one is to let women express themselves by the way of symbols rather than words. Following a short presentation of the traditional initiation (survey 1931), this paper deals with the changes in the ritual in parallel with the UNICEF project for HIV prevention in the Copperbelt region of Northern Zambia (survey 1998). Two types of production are presented: songs composed by a group of women in relation to the UNICEF project, and the evolution of the ritual conceived by women as a possible answer to the objectives defined by the project for HIV prevention regarding young girls.


Zambia del Nord; cibemba; iniziazione femminile; donne; simbolo mbusa; HIV; AIDS; Nord de la Zambie; initiation de filles; femmes; symbole-mbusa; VIH-SIDA; Northern Zambia; girls’ initiation; women; mbusa-symbol; HIV-AIDS

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