Tra deprivazione e homelessness: la povertà delle donne nell’Italia di oggi

Cristina Freguja, Alessandra Masi, Nicoletta Pannuzi, Linda Laura Sabbadini


The lack of adequate resources for many women and their households can leads to significant economic difficulties, often resulting in an inability to acquire essential goods and services. The purpose of the paper is to analyse the female condition of poverty distinguishing by different characteristics and degrees of distress, also taking into account the role of women in the household. The measures of deprivation, absolute poverty and extreme poverty allow to draw a picture of the economically vulnerable population and its composition in different groups. Identifying different groups means also identifying policy targets and tailoring interventions to different paths of exclusion, that can be more or less dependent on labour market participation, income sources, health conditions or social networks reliability. 


deprivazione; povertà assoluta; madri sole; donne capofamiglia; homelessness; deprivation; absolute poverty; single mothers; women head of household

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