Educare alla gioia

Antonella Verdiani


The hypotheses that the author intends to make in her article is that presently, Integral Education can be one of the approaches adopted for school education which can promote a sense of “well-being” and an inner joy for the students and the teachers, who are important constituents and investments in the educational process. Here one accepts that with an Integral vision for education, it is possible to educate and to grow because this approach follows the path of liberty and the “joy of the being”. Two aspects come to light through this investigation: the training of teachers as “guides” and the sense of “well-being” present in the “free” schools. The latter supports what the hypothesis states, consequent research too indicates the same, which is that freedom is a necessary component of education, for a holistic development of the child (physical, mental and spiritual): that it promotes and helps recreate the experience of “Joy of being”. The conclusion that this article draws is based on the introductory elements, the prolegomena to theories of education: “Joy”, intended as the “guiding emotion” in education can also act as a condition of union with the Absolute.

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