Entrepreneurial university as innovation driver: the Salamanca Summer School case

Valeria Caggiano, Andrea Bellezza, Vincenzo A. Piccione


The aim of this work is to analyse, by a mixed research method, the positive impact of innovative education actions, with a specific focus on the Salamanca Summer School case study. In additions to that, this contribution will further strengthen the literature which confirms the educational and professional impact of innovation-oriented practices, if placed at the core of research and didactics. We will show through different focus groups and questionnaires to a sample of students, teachers and entrepreneurs, how the Universities “third mission” entrepreneurial vocation and its relationship with didactics are well conveyed in the innovative educational experience held at University of Sala-manca. A deeper insight is achieved both by using the above said instruments - before and after the experience - and by commenting the action impact. The answers provided are discussed in light of the need for an entrepreneurial par-adigm implementation at the university level, as recommended by the “third mission”.


entrepreneurship; intrapreneurship; innovation; education; third mission; Summer School

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