Temporalità e ritmicità nell’esperienza formativa

Francesco Cappa


Time represents both a crucial concept to interpret one’s own experience and a taken-for-granted dimension of everyday life. These intertwined aspects impact individual and collective actions: time remains essentially a locus of power dy-namics, that’s why it must be understood and studied as a ‘dispositive’ and it needs a deep analysis from a pedagogical perspective. There is no doubt that peo-ple’s experience of temporal alienation and temporal habitus espressed in differ-ent forms of living and acting, had to be questioned from an educational point of view. This paper provides a focusing analysis of the relationship between educa-tional temporality and rhythms of the pedagogical processes exploring a possible perspective of a genealogy of formative temporality to develop a rethinking of emancipation and some forms of organization that affect autonomy and agency.


time; educational temporality; pedagogical dispositive; rhythms of emancipation; genealogy

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