Le radici durkheimiane della nozione di Stato in Bourdieu

Andrea Borghini


In my contribution I want to detect the durkheimian roots of the Bourdieu’s State category. My contribution is organized in three parts. The first part is devoted to a short draft of the Durkheim notion of State. The second part faces the comparison within Bourdieu and Durkheim on the category of State. In this part I will analyze mechanisms, among others, like that of logical conformism and moral conformism that find their definition in Durkheim work, The elementary forms of religious life, and that are the basis of the concept of collective belief of the category of State in Bourdieu. Highlighting durkheimian roots in Bourdieu sociology of State means also to introduce Durkheim within the revival of studies on the State in which Pierre Bourdieu occupies a central role and establish a line of continuity, full of potential developments, between Durkheim and the current debate in Sociology of the State. This is the third and final part.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/SMP-21289

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