Vol 5, N° 10 (2014): Youth for What? New Generations and Social Change

a cura di Andrea Pirni


Youth matters. An introduction PDF
Andrea Pirni 7-23
Youth through social sciences. A kaleidoscopic view PDF
Andrea Pirni 25-40
Young people and the new semantics of the future PDF
Carmen Leccardi 41-54
La integración sociopolítica de los jóvenes en tiempos inciertos PDF
Jorge Benedicto 55-74
Youth and the United Europe PDF
Daniela Preda 75-86
La jeunesse française : paradoxes et polarisations PDF
Vincenzo Cicchelli, Valérie Germain 87-106
Crisis política y juventud en España: el declive del bipartidismo electoral PDF
Francisco José Francés García, Oscar Antonio Santacreu Fernández 107-128
I giovani e i valori nella sociologia di Antonio de Lillo PDF
Gianfranco Bettin Lattes 129-146
Keeping it in the family: the absence of young Italians from the public piazza PDF
Pierluca Birindelli 147-172
Searching for adulthood: young people, citizenship and participation PDF
Alessandro Martelli, Ilaria Pitti 173-192
Transition to adulthood and turnout. Some unexpected implications from the Italian case PDF
Dario Tuorto 193-216
Relational dynamics and youth participation in Italy PDF
Simona Gozzo 217-240
Youth Policies in Europe: big changes after the big crisis? An explorative analysis PDF
Riccardo Guidi 241-264
Identity-related: young people, strategies of identity and social networks PDF
Chiara Moroni 265-274


Disadvantaged young people, family and the lack of big brothers. An interview with Alessandro Cavalli PDF
Andrea Pirni 275-284
Looking for new ways of bringing different dimensions of lives together. An interview with Andy Furlong PDF
Andrea Pirni 285-290


Fundamentalists toward democracy? Empirical analysis of fundamentalist attitudes and democratic attitudes in the Middle East PDF
Kazem Hajizadeh 290-306
Note bio-bibliografiche degli autori PDF
SMP vol. 5, n. 10, 2014 PDF

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