Vol 6, N° 12 (2015): Sociology and the Life-World

A cura di Luigi Muzzetto


Introduzione PDF
Luigi Muzzetto 5-11
Husserl on Lifeworld and Experiential World PDF
Chung-Chi Yu 13-27
Phenomenology and Sociological Research: The Constitution of “Friendship” PDF
Jochen Dreher 29-42
Making humor together: phenomenology and interracial humor PDF
Michael D. Barber 43-66
Phenomenological Alternatives of the Lifeworld: Between Multiple Realities and Virtual Realities PDF
Denisa Butnaru 67-80
Future Structure of the Life-World. As an inevitable consequence of the «peer-to-peer» PDF
Mototaka Mori 81-95
On the reiterability of pragmata.A Schutzian «alternate» to the sociological concept of «practice» PDF
Carlos Belvedere 97-115
Relevance as Social Matrix of Attention in Alfred Schutz PDF
Enrico Campo 117-148
Elements of a theory of social time.A Schützian approach PDF
Gerd Sebald 149-163
Time, intersubjectivity, and musical relationship in Alfred Schutz PDF
Riccardo Venturini 165-201
Alfred Schutz’s main contributions to the field of economic reflection PDF
Daniela Griselda López 203-229
Biography and Action: A Schutzian Perspective to Life-world PDF
Hermílio Santos 231-243
Schutz, Berger and Luckmann.The question of the natural attitude PDF
Luigi Muzzetto 245-277
Alfred Schutz: a bibliography PDF
Michela Beatrice Ferri 279-291


The Novelty of Phenomenological Sociology and Its Interdisciplinarity. An interview to professor Carlos Belvedere PDF
Michela Beatrice Ferri 293-302


A well-informed ‘model of administration’ for agrarian states. Or: how not to fall into the trap of ‘nostri cation’ when comparing colonial West African States with 18th century Prussia PDF
Hubert Treiber 303-319
Cultura politica di partito e cultura politica nazionale: il caso del Pci nella Prima Repubblica PDF
Andrea Millefiorini 321-346
In ricordo di Luciano Gallino PDF
Giandomenico Amendola 347-348
A Brief Intellectual Biography of Alfred Schutz PDF
Riccardo Venturini 349-352
Note bio-bibliografiche degli autori PDF
SMP vol. 6, n. 12, 2015 PDF

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