Una nuova polemica attorno a Kiš

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The Latest Dispute Concerning Danilo Kiš

The paper focuses on the latest dispute concerning Danilo Kiš (the first regarded Kiš’s Grobnica za Borisa Davidoviča, 1976). This new controversy was caused by the publication of Nebojša Vasović’s Lažni car Šćepan Kiš (Belgrade, 2005). In this book Vasović attacks Danilo Kiš and his work ‘pitilessly’, and spares no effort to break into the Jewish aspects of Kiš’s poetics. As expected, the book did not receive favourable reviews, especially from one of the main Serbian critics, Aleksandar Jerkov who criticized the superficiality and arrogance of Vasović’s approach to Kiš’s works. Jerkov, however, did not have to wait long for Vasović’s cutting replies. The controversy about Danilo Kiš has also involved other members of the Serbian literary community: Milo Lompar, Vasa Pavković, Ljiljana Šop, Vule Žurić, just to mention a few.
Judging by the comments, and apart from the fact that a global vision of the whole situation is needed, the controversy about Kiš’s work is not likely to end soon.

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