Revolution, or Madness in the Guise of Truth

Владимир Карлович Кантор


In his article, Vladimir Kantor examines the mental causes of the Russian revolution of 1917. He analyses, as a matter of fact, the pan-European problem – the darkening of the Christian mind, and how, during social upheavals, elements that despise the mind awake and universal madness is born. The author shows how suicidal moods awake in the masses, leading to social disasters. In such epochs, historical experience is forgotten, and, like zombies, the crowd follows its leaders to the abyss, like in the paintings of Brueghel created on the eve of the Netherlands revolution: Mad Greta, Triumph of Death or Parable of the Blind. So it happened in Russia, and then it took at least a century to get out of the chaos of insanity and return to history.


Russian Revolution; Europe; Society; Literature

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