Il Vangelo di Ivan Aleksandăr nella tradizione testuale dei vangeli slavi

Alberto Alberti, Marcello Garzaniti


Alberto Alberti, Marcello Garzaniti

The Ivan Alexander Gospel in the Textual Tradition of the Slavic Gospels

In this article, the Authors analyse the Slavic text of the Gospels in the light of the most recent developments in Greek New Testament studies. Particularly useful is the work carried out at the Institut für neutestamentliche Forschung (Münster). On the basis of the identifi cation of a series of ‘Test Passages’ (Teststellen), the Münster volumes offer all the readings of the Greek tradition (except for lectionaries). In this paper, the fi rst 10 chapters of the Gospel of John and the entire text of the synoptic Gospels are analysed from this point of view, comparing the Greek text with a corpus of 12 Slavic manuscripts. The text of the Ivan Alexander Gospel in some instances refl ects the process of harmonization to the Greek ‘Byzantine text’, but in general terms preserves many archaic features, which is quite unusual for a 14th century Gospel. The revision on the basis of Greek manuscripts is also illustrated by readings which are clearly in harmony with particular forms of the Greek text.

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