Классика в кривом зеркале массовой литературы. К вопросу о тенденциях российской словесности XXI века

Мария Александровна Черняк


Marija Aleksandrovna Černjak

The Classics in the Distorting Mirror of Mass Literature. Apropos Some Tendencies of 21st Century Russian Literature

In this article, the author argues that in order to determine the specifi city of contemporary Russian literature, it is crucial to turn to the so called ‘secondary’ texts (remakes, retellings, adaptations, sequels, comics etc.). To a signifi cant extent, the search for a genre in contemporary literature is connected with the playful use of the classical heritage. This appears manifest in a variety of examples where the authors play with texts by A. Puškin, N. Gogol’, F. Dostoevskij etc. The writer’s play with a classical text requires some basic knowledge on the part of the reader. For this reason the issue of the appropriateness of the publishing projects arises.

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