Studi Slavistici XIV • 2017

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Thematic Block

Introduction PDF
Maria Di Salvo, Vittorio S. Tomelleri, Nicoletta Marcialis, Giuseppina Larocca 7-8
Scripts and Politics in the USSR PDF
Vladimir Mikhajlovich Alpatov 9-19
Factors Influencing the Success and Failure of Writing Reforms PDF
Daniel Bunčić 21-46
The Letter that was Missing. On the Return of the Letter Ґ to the Ukrainian Legal Language PDF
Лиана Голетиани 47-66
Righting the Writing. The Power Dynamic of Soviet Ukraine Language Policies and Reforms in the 1920s-1930s PDF
Roman Horbyk, Olena Palko 67-89
The Ukrainian Spelling Reforms, Half-Reforms, Non-Reforms and Anti-Reforms as Manifestation of the Soviet Language Policy PDF
Kateryna Karunyk 91-110
The Debate Around Ukrainian Pravopys in Independent Ukraine PDF
Giovanna Siedina 111-132
Languages and Graphical Systems in Belarus from the October Revolution to the Second World War PDF
Алла Андреевна Кожинова 133-156
Alphabet as a Political Choice. Paleoasiatic Languages and Their Alphabets PDF
Паоло Оньибене 157-160
Russian (1917-1918) and Armenian (1922) Orthographic Reforms. Assessing the Russian Influence on Modern Armenian Language PDF
Irina Marchesini 171-190
Evgeniy Dmitrievich Polivanov: The Abkhaz Analytical Alphabet. Text edition with an English Translation PDF
Алексей Викторович Андронов, Елена Ильинична Симонато, Витторио С. Томеллери 191-252
Graphetic Designation of Phonological Features as a Guide for the Rationalisation of Alphabetic Writing and Evidence for the Reality of Phonological Categories PDF
Алексей Викторович Андронов 253-274
International Languages, Alphabets and Revolution. The Ideas of N.V. Jušmanov PDF
Sébastien Moret 275-292
The Alphabet in Linguistic Imagology. Ideological and Aesthetic Values in the Disputes on the Pre-Reform Cyrillic Letters in Russia Before and After 1918 PDF
Шамиль Хайров 293-307
Foreign-language Pragmatonyms in Contemporary Russian Literature: Latin or Cyrillic? PDF
Клавдия Алексеевна Прокопчук 309-327

Materials and Discussions

Revolution, or Madness in the Guise of Truth PDF
Владимир Карлович Кантор 331-350
Book Reviews PDF
Authors Biodata PDF
Indice PDF

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