Managerial competences as a strategic element in the decision-making of Real Estate Development

Alberto Fecchio, Ernesto Casara


A real estate plan works when is a part of a wider project which regards the society needs in a certain place. To know where to invest and the risk/performance profile, it is necessary to know the profit and loss profile of the building in the future, in addition to building costs. A correct real estate valuation does not exist if upstream a deep knowledge of real estate, financial, statistical, investors’ psychology (science or knowledge) cycles, as well as an experience of years do not exist, which allows to acquire sensibility even towards unpredictable events.
The dynamic real estate management is the necessary tool to increase the recurring revenue, the capital gain, to improve cash, decrease risks.
The real estate manager, consisting in a team with integrated skills, with “on field” experience, with business logical knowledge, with roots on territory, able to share the business risk, with knowledge of public administrations’ procedures and complexity, is able to support the real estate investor in the development procedure.
The evolution of the decision process must follow the trend that since 2009 has seen the overcoming of redevelopment projects compared to new building projects, with higher costs and complexity, but more sustainable from the environmental and space rationalization point of view.
Redevelopment processes will be framed in complex territorial development projects, with guarantees of transparency of administrative processes and times, in order to attract international funds, that today are prevented to operate due to great uncertainty of the administrative process management in Italy.


Real Estate Management; Asset Management; Business Plan; Redevelopment processes

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