(Industrial) Research on Building Production: results and future developments

Giuseppe Alaimo


In accordance with the most recent management mandate, ISTeA (Italian Society of Science, Technology and engineering of Architecture) has devoted its efforts to outlining those topics which are of fundamental importance for the activity of its stakeholders, in line with the road maps of national and Community funding programmes and with the strategic objectives of (Industrial) Research which range from the energy-environmental performance of buildings and districts to automation in construction within the context of Smart Cities and Social Innovation. These research programmes need to be planned and negotiated with industrial stakeholders and carried out in partnership with them. This explains why the 2011 ISTeA Conference produced a number of position papers, the 2012 Conference traced the state of the art in the topics identified and the 2013 Conferencedeals with the non-instrumental relationship between Building Production and ICT.


Research Policies; Construction Industry; Knowledge Management; Energy Efficiency; Automation in Construction

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/Techne-13457

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