Technology and architectural heritage. Research experiences in archaeological sites

Maria Luisa Germanà


Although the architectural heritage is of considerable importance in Italy, we often encounter critical conditions that perpetuate emergencies rather than efficiency. Those working in this field complain of poor resources, procedural hitches and clashing skills. Visitors encounter indecorous or risky conditions, difficulty of use and an unsatisfactory integration with the socio-economic sphere. Methodological instruments of Architectural Technology are essential in order to tackle these critical conditions, which are most prominent in the borderline cases of archaeological sites, because of the clear break with contemporary life and the intrinsic vulnerability of archaeological structures. Although they are related to immaterial technology, these tools produce tangible effects, occasioning reliability in every intervention. The operational aspects are intermingled with the wider issues of quality and effectiveness of process with reference to the public client.


Architectural Heritage; Architectural Technology; Archaeological Sites; Public Client

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