The Measurable and the Real Quality of Life in the City. Urban regeneration as a technological correlation of resources, spaces and inhabitants

Filippo Angelucci, Cristiana Cellucci, Michele Di Sivo, Daniela Ladiana


This essay looks at urban regeneration beginning from the notion of the exclusive qualities of the contemporary city: selective, closed, introspective, and inaccessible. Focusing on the tactical/metadesign phase of the urban regeneration process and referring to the paradigms of resilience and bio-psycho-social inclusion, the paper proposes a technological design vision to recompose the qualities of the ‘common good’ known as the city into an inclusive, open, communicative and accessible reality. Operating through technological-environmental interfaces and need-based/ enabling macro-requirements, the paper considers the urban system as an inhabitable organism characterised by differences, tensions and balances between the apparatuses of the city, within a matrix of widespread quality. 


Integrated Quality; Inclusion; Urban Resilience; Technological Design; Requirement

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