Decommissioned micro urban structures. Urban regeneration and architectural design: the case of Fidenza (PR)

Domenico Chizzoniti, Stefano Cusatelli, Luca Preis, Letizia Cattani, Monica Moscatelli


The subject of this research, on the issue of urban regeneration, concerns the phenomenon of the decommissioned micro urban structures, a situation extended to many small European cities that requires the application of specific proceedings. In the current situation of economic contraction, the micro decommission of urban structure phenomenon is broad and extended to different city levels. However, thought economic cycles have shown the ability to allow the redistribution and the recovery of the de-industrialized large areas in a consolidated metropolis, in small European cities, referring to more restricted areas, the urban disposals progression goes on, as a result of the dispersion of urban functions in the suburban space, called sprawl. This research aims to address this issue through the development of unitary process for small cities belonging to metropolitan areas.


Architectural and urban theory; Historical city center recover; Micro reuse; Decomissioned micro urban structures; Urban regeneration

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