Smart solutions for low-income buildings rehabilitation: international researches and experiences

Eugenio Arbizzani, Paolo Civiero, Leticia Ortega Madrigal, Begoña Serrano Lanzarote


Smart City concept briefly refers to a sustainable city where innovative Smart strategies will be adopted to an efficient management of resources flows and social interoperability. Aligned with the most relevant European research experiences, the paper describes the relations between an on-going research from the PDTA Dept., centered on a knowledge platform tool for energy-efficient interactive buildings design, and the contribution of the ELIH-MED project on the use of industrialized solutions and smart devices during the rehabilitation process in Mediterranean low-income housings. A pilot project in the Spanish climate context reveals the important role of Smart Monitoring Devices to encourage energy savings and tackle recognized needs through a participative process where stakeholders and beneficiaries are actively involved.


Building performance evaluation; Smart monitoring; Energy renovations; Social housing; Building envelope

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