The paradigm of the Healthy City between permanence and innovations in Small Cities. Technological perspectives for the system of Open Urban Spaces

Filippo Angelucci, Cristiana Cellucci


The paradigm of the healthy city defined by the World Health Organization may present an important occasion for redefining the relationship between conservation and transformation in small cities, working not only with enduring built capital, but also employing ecological, social, cultural and economic capital. A possible horizon of innovation may be identified in the search for improved conditions in the city, working with open spaces as a super-system of reconnections to recompose the processes, productivity and diversity that, while currently interrupted, once existed between city and territory. The result would be small healthy cities that favour the return of an active and healthy lifestyle for users and offer an alternative to the standardised conditions of the metropolis.


Healthy City; Small City; Open Urban Space; Active City; Evolutivity

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