The adaptive reuse of historic city centres. Bologna and Lisbon: solutions for urban regeneration

Andrea Boeri, Jacopo Gaspari, Valentina Gianfrate, Danila Longo, Chiara Pussetti


The European historic city centres are currently experiencing innovative approaches for rehabilitation of urban spaces afflicted by social and physical decay. The revitalization challenges are a consequence of the integration of contemporary technologies and solutions to achieve new requirements and of the impacts of socio-economic dynamics. Understanding and boosting the drivers connected to the cultural potential of the historic city centres can play an important role in adaptive re-use. This paper focuses on the synergy between cultural heritage and urban development, cultural heritage preservation and local economic growth, proposing adaptive reuse design practices applied in historic city centre, through the adoption of a multi-criteria methodology for heritage-led regeneration.


Adaptive reuse; Social impacts; Innovative processes; Heritage-led regeneration; Sustainable renovation

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