Digital tools and experimentations for structures realised with the active bending

Sergio Pone


The research presented in this paper deals with the experience gained by a Research Unit from DiARC Naples on the topic of active bending structures, in the specific domain of timber post-formed gridshells. The design of specific digital tools aimed at controlling architectural and construction issues of such structures can be considered as one of the most important achievements to guarantee the buildability of these lightweight and ecological structures. So far, the research group experimented the design and construction of more than 10 among pavilions and full-scale prototypes of timber gridshells. This paper traces the method to design elastic gridshells starting from their form in a strict relationship with construction issues, with the aim at freeing the initial concept stage under the surveillance of buildability and allowing the implementation of the bespoke tools as well as of the construction methods.


active flexion; wooden gridshell; parametric design; computational morphogenesis

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