Theory and practice in environmental design: post normal sciences and visioning process oriented design for sustainability

Daniele Fanzini, Irina Rotaru, Isabella Bergamini


This contribution contains an analysis of the relationship between theory and practice in architecture, started from the particular similarity between scientific and design research and intended to nurture the debate around the possible evolution of the disciplinary tools of Architectural Technology. The contents are organized as follows: In the first section, there are investigated the affinities that supported the constitution of the methodological and instrumental apparatus of the technological culture of design. The second part is introducing the relationship between technological culture of design and post-normal sciences as a possible answer to the particular conditions of complexity and uncertainty of the moment. The third section is emphasizing the analogy between the instrumentations of several research areas that operate between environmental sustainability, futures studies and technological and environmental design as a starting point for further operational insights.


environmental design; post-normal science; visioning process; design sustainability approach; project anticipation

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