«Ars sine scientia nihil est»

DOMENICO Chizzoniti


Even though a tradition of work is devoted to the definition «Ars sine scientia nihil est» (the art without science is nothing- S.T., 1, 14, 8 c: Scientica autem artificis est causa artificiatorum; eo quod artifex operatur per suum intellectum) words of the Parisian architect Jean Mignot pronounced during the construction of the Milan Cathedral in 1398, a question may arise: What is the rhetorical admissible rate of construction that does not invalidate the role of architecture or that empties it of meaning? This essay is divided into four points that are paradigmatic of the relationship between technical expression, building expertise, and figurative invention. With this choice some intuitions about a specific building tradition are tested by comparison with the design established practices and some experimentation, particularly significant with respect to the relationship between emancipation and constructive figuration instance.


symbol; iconology; language; technique; art

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/Techne-19758

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