Ina-Casa La Fiorita. A system for the shared regeneration of social housing

Lia Marchi, Elisabetta Palumbo, Ambra Lombardi, Ernesto Antonini


Over sixty years after their construction, many Ina-Casa neighbourhoods demonstrate the need for extensive “mending”. Specific intervention methodologies are required to redevelop them considering the many players and needs involved, the testimonial value of the patrimony, and the fragmented ownership structure. An analysis of the inadequacies and an assessment of the priorities that inhabitants attribute to them were fundamental in defining a participatory redevelopment strategy, which has been tested on “La Fiorita” in Cesena. The research developed a catalogue of solutions that can be incorporated into packages and is conceived as an intervention manual. It has been devised to foster a combination of individual and collective actions and is associated with an incentive system.


social housing; redevelopment; open design; participation; rating systems

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