Inclusive experiences of urban regeneration: abandoned barracks in the suburbs of Udine

Christina Conti, Giovanni La Varra, Livio Petriccione, Giovanni Tubaro


For the University of Udine, abandoned barracks named “Osoppo” and “Piave”, located in the suburbs of Udine, represent, in collaboration with the Municipality, great occasions of experimentation, inclusion and urban regeneration. The urban fabric deals with the presence of a significant number of barracks, realized during the last century as a direct consequence of the recent history, representing an emblematic case. These structures, with a considerable size, are located in strategic sites that limit urban development and condition the social context, as they establish themselves as isolated and impregnable areas. This essay presents feasibility studies’ results, achieved while comparing with the international debate and connecting strategies of social inclusion with instruments and methods of technological intervention, paying attention to the realization process’s requisites, both national and international. 


urban regeneration; barracks; inclusiveness; technological design; experimentation

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