The Regenerative Design experience in the built environment and resilience discussion

Corrado Trombetta


The contribution aims, through a point of view gained through direct scientific and teaching experience, to focus on the “Regenerative Design” approach within the most recent Resilience scenario, as an adaptive strategy in the design phase, according to a new configuration of the physical arrangements in which the shape of the built space; as well as according to the characteristics of its various components, and the use of the same. In particular, we intend to reconstruct, through this essay, the cultural and scientific scenario attributable to the RD in relation to Resilience, analyzing its scientific aspects and tracing a critical framework in order to enrich the scientific debate on the theme of the built environment and resilience, to evaluate, as a first result, the conceptual and operational differences and overlaps.


regenerative design; resilience; environmental sustainability; green methodology; bioespired design

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