The role of IPES social housing in the EU Sinfonia Project for a “Bolzano Smart City”

Michela Toni, Maddalena Coccagna


Bolzano is experimenting an integrated approach to improve the quality of life and to implement the features of sustainability; within 2018 it will become, together with Innsbruck, the first “smart city” in Europe in the framework of the European Sinfonia Project. In this in-depth analysis, the role of IPES (Istituto Edilizia Sociale Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano) has been studied within the design Project of two specific sites. The general aim is to understand how the construction process has been implemented by the Institute, highlighting both any possible boundary to the development of energy-efficient solutions on an urban scale learned in parallel with the economic and social impact of the design itself.


Bolzano Smart City; IPES multivariable approach; Social Housing; Sustainability; Innovation as process

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