Integrated assessment methods applied to the materials of a high-altitude building

Roberto Giordano, Francesca Thiebat, Valentina Serra, Ema Madalina Budau


The article intends to highlight how building in exceptional environmental conditions (e.g. sites inaccessible to traditional vehicles, particularly harsh climate conditions, etc.) and reducing the environmental impact of the built environment lead to the adjustment of construction techniques, through applications of materials, even traditional, but made more efficient by innovative offsite and onsite production processes. A Life Cycle Assessment study has enabled to compare the impact of rice-based straw bale as a building material having both a load-bearing and insulation function, and to compare the results achieved with alternative scenarios characterised by materials conventionally used in construction, such as rock wool and concrete and masonry.


Life Cycle Assessment; Mountain architecture; Rice-based straw bale; Building process

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