A Genetic Algorithm-based approach for Project Management and developed design of construction

Sara Tiene, Marco Alvise Bragadin, Andrea Ballabeni


Construction Project Management processes aim at the optimization of three main KPIs: time, cost and quality. As the time / cost trade-off approach is well known, quality optimization is still pursued with a practical approach, often based upon Project Manager’s experience. A case study of construction of a new university building is presented, focusing on external walls detailed design. Wall performances concerning time, costs and quality depend on the performances of each of the product layer that composes the wall. For each layer three commercial options has been considered. Therefore, a time – cost – quality trade-off procedure has been implemented using Genetic Algorithms, with the aim of finding a set of optimal solutions for the construction of the building envelope.


Project management; Construction; Quality; Genetic algorithms; Time-cost-quality trade-off

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/Techne-23027

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