Density - intensity. Material and immaterial elements in assessing urban quality

Maria Federica Ottone, Roberta Cocci Grifoni, Graziano Enzo Marchesani, Dajla Riera


The objective of this research is to produce a critical scientific analysis of some aspects related to urban resilience to offer planners and decision-makers a deft intervention tool to mitigate high temperatures in urban areas. Densification, morphology, and materials are used to suggest strategies aimed at improving the quality of life in cities. This point of view analyses climate change and its connection to humans, urban density and its energy value, the evolution of materials, and the management of environmental comfort, considering the horizontal/vertical relationship as one of the morphological parameters capable of determining the connections between density, the form of the spaces, and the urban heat island.


Climate change; Technologies for the built environment; Urban heat island

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