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TECHNE, the scientific journal of SITdA, the Italian Society of Architectural Technology, meets the Society's aims by working, at national and international level, to promote knowledge and the methods and techniques of Architectural Technology, so as to protect and enhance the man-made environment, and to promote innovative applications and interdisciplinary comparison.
The magazine publishes articles on innovative research and applications, as well as essays and reports. The authors work in the academic world and in research facilities in the area of architectural design, industry, entrepreneurial activities and client, public and private organizations.
TECHNE addresses a target market interested in debating relevant and critical points of view and acquiring useful knowledge for the development of projects through a comparison of different approaches.


Abstract deadline: December 16th, 2018

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Techne has been increasingly consolidating in the last years and we believe this is a valuable result, especially as the journal represents an example of independent scientific publishing practices. 
Its release is still made possible by the commitment and energy of an emerging generation of researchers, who have invested in an independent open access peer-reviewed journal released under the Creative Commons licence.
In the next years, we plan to strengthen our position as an international platform that offers a space for novel intellectual inter and crossdisciplinary thinking. In this perspective of a more incisive positioning of the journal we inaugurate today a New Special Series.  

In this new Series, invited contributors, belonging to different countries and disciplinary backgrounds, will debate around Architecture, Built Environment and Urban Transformations.  Special Series’s Issues are published as a separate Issue of the journal, on an irregular basis and may be funded by sources other than the journal’s publisher.”
Posted: 2018-07-30
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