TECHNE 7 (2014): Architectural technologies research and development

Table of Contents


Architectural technologies. Research and development PDF
Maria Chiara Torricelli 6-11


Lights, shadows and doubts on the policies for R&D in Italy PDF
Ferdinando Terranova 12-20
Innovation, technology transfer and development: the spin-off companies PDF
Teodoro Valente 21-26
Third mission: university spin-offs in Italy amidst opportunities and problems PDF
Francesca Giofrè 27-32

Essays and Viewpoint

Re-cycling social housing.Tools, methods, design strategies for innovating Social Housing processes and intervention models PDF
Massimo Perriccioli 33-40
Technology and architectural heritage. Research experiences in archaeological sites PDF
Maria Luisa Germanà 41-51
The strategic role of cross-sectoral research in the design of hospitals: the contribution of TESIS* research center PDF
Romano Del Nord 52-63

Research & Experimentation

Environmental project and public space rehabilitation: the great project for the historic center of Naples Unesco World Heritage Site PDF
Mario Losasso, Valeria D’Ambrosio 64-74
Protecting the historic centre of Venice. A coordinated analysis of the physical and perceived wear processes to define mitigating actions PDF
Renata Codello, Paolo Gasparoli, Anna Teresa Ronchi, Fabiana Pianezze, Giulia Totaro, Francesco Trovò 75-80
Built heritage vulnerability: synergies between the Universities of Naples and Tokyo PDF
Kaori Fujita, Serena Viola 81-86
Actions and tools for the conservation and valorisation of rural architecture and landscape PDF
Daniela Bosia, Lorenzo Savio 87-93
Between the River and the City. Resilience VS Vulnerability in Settlement Systems of Fluvial Environment PDF
Filippo Angelucci, Michele Di Sivo, Daniela Ladiana 94-100
The mitigation of volcanic risk as opportunity for an ecological and resilient city PDF
Giulio Zuccaro, Mattia Leone 101-108
SOURCE - Sustainable Urban Cells: outcome of a bilateral survey Italy-Sweden PDF
Fabrizio Cumo, Adriana S. Sferra, Valentina Sforzini 109-117
The compatibility of off-grid technologies in the rehabilitation of energy network of minor historical centres PDF
Chiara Marchionni, Pierluigi De Berardinis, Alessandra Bellicoso 118-124
Accessibility as a “Key Enabling Knowledge” to Human Development: the Accessibility Plan PDF
Antonio Laurìa 125-131
ValeAS: an ICT tool to assess accessibility and safety of the built environment PDF
Luigi Biocca, Antonio D’Eredità, Ludovica Malavasi Caula Medici, Nicolò Paraciani 132-139
AA_AccessibleArchaeology. Environmental accessibility as a key to enhance cultural heritage PDF
Christina Conti, Ilaria Garofolo 140-148
The Life Span Dwelling PDF
Hans-Peter Hebensperger-Hüther, Gabriele Franger-Huhle 149-156
Quality of space and right to health. An interdisicplinary research in hospital facilities PDF
Nicoletta Setola 157-164
Architectural integration of technologies from renewable sources: relationships with perceptual factors and guidance for operational guidelines PDF
Giorgio Giallocosta, Chiara Piccardo 165-170
The temporary structures for Expo Milan 2015: environmental assessment and solutions for the end of life management PDF
Monica Lavagna, Marika Arena, Giovanni Dotelli, Matteo Zanchi 171-177
Building Design, Durability, Maintenance: Methodology for the Durability Forecasting PDF
Riccardo Pollo 178-185
Product innovation: lessons learned from some experiences of collaboration between University and SMEs PDF
Ernesto Antonini, Andrea Boeri, Jacopo Gaspari, Danila Longo 186-193
Sustainable building and local resources PDF
Maria Cristina Forlani, Luciana Mastrolonardo 194-203
Active façade component integrated into the building: from the study to the innovative prototype PDF
Andrea Levra Levron, Valentino Manni, Gabriella Peretti, Francesca Thiebat 204-209
PR.I.M.E3. PRocedure for Innovative building Modules Energy Efficient and Eco-compatible PDF
Mario Grosso, Giacomo Chiesa 210-216
Performance of envelope: an innovative energy system PDF
Rossella Franchino, Francesca Muzzillo, Antonella Violano 217-224
Self-erecting temporary shelter: Kinetic Design and Vacuumatics PDF
Vincenzo Sapienza, Michele Versaci 225-231

Network SITdA

I cluster tematici PDF


Italian summary PDF
English summary PDF
TECHNE 7 (2014): Architectural technologies research and development PDF
Cover PDF

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