TECHNE 11 (2016): Infrastructures

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Infrastructures for the city, the territory, the environment PDF
Mario Losasso 4-5


Infrastructure. The organic metaphor between phenomenology and opportunities of the urban system PDF
Emilio Faroldi 6-11


The territory of infrastructures PDF
Fabrizio Schiaffonati 12-21
Infrastructures, territories and reforms. Necessary responses and future strategies PDF
Francesca Moraci 22-28
New infrastructure between a global strategic vision and spatial development PDF
Mario Virano 29-32
Green Infrastructures and ecological reconstruction in urban and peri-urban areas PDF
Sergio Malcevschi, Luca Bisogni 33-39
Italian Smart Cities from the ANCI’s National Observatory standpoint PDF
Paolo Testa 40-44
Public debate, an opportunity also for Italy PDF
Andrea Pillon 45-49

Art Photography

Changing Status, suspended landscapes PDF
Marco Introini 50-58

Essays and Viewpoint

Green Infrastructures and Ecosystem Services in urban areas: research perspectives in environmental design PDF
Marina Rigillo 59-65
The Cycling City Project: infrastructure strategies and technologies for sustainable mobility. The case of Copenhagen PDF
Maria Pilar Vettori 66-73
Connections at height: skybridges PDF
Francesca Guidolin, Valeria Tatano 74-80
The new generation of infrastructure for scientific and technological research: experiences of innovation for the architectur-al design PDF
Corrado Trombetta, Bruno Fazzari 81-86
Geothermal infrastructure for an historic village in Tuscany: a sustainable retrofit solution PDF
Valentina Marino, Roberto Pagani 87-96

Research & Experimentation

Green-blue infrastructure in urban areas, the case of the Bronx River (NYC) and Paillon (Nice) PDF
Katia Perini, Paola Sabbion 97-103
Performances and potential of a productive urban green infrastructure PDF
Paola Gallo, Chiara Casazza, Marco Sala 104-112
An applied research laboratory for technological innovation processes in building PDF
Martino Milardi 113-118
Infrastructures for renewable energies in landscape. Design tools and innovation trends. PDF
Elisabetta Ginelli, Laura Daglio 119-126
Testing transport policy perceptions of the government, the experts and the local community: the case of New Zealand’s MacKays to Peka Peka expressway PDF
Babar Chohan 127-134
A multi methodological model for supporting the economic feasibility analysis for the renovation of the Valsesia railway sys-tem PDF
Francesca Torrieri, Valentina Grigato, Alessandra Oppio 135-142
The environmental project of the enhancement of the fluvial area: L’Aquila and the Aterno River PDF
Luciana Mastrolonardo, Manuela Romano 143-150
System construction of urban landscape infrastructures for rainwater management: Nanjing as a case study PDF
Xiao-ning Hua, Lang Wu 151-157
Innovation and functional hybridisation for new motorway infrastructure serving the local territory. Project scenarios: the Hybrid Park PDF
Andrea Tartaglia, Davide Cerati 158-164
Development and enhancement of football stadiums. Strategies, tools and opportunities for establishing an italian model PDF
Pietro Chierici 165-171
The construction of a territory in the Alps. Infrastructure for mass tourism PDF
Caterina Franco, Cathrine Maumi 172-179
Sustainable mobility as a way for upgrading urban street infrastructures: a methodological approach PDF
Lucia Martincigh, Marina Di Guida 180-187
The Cycle route of the upper Aterno valley: between ecotourism and sustainable mobility PDF
Marianna Rotilio, Annalisa Taballione, Pierluigi De Berardinis 188-193
The requalification of the informal city. The favela Serrinha in Florianopolis PDF
Roberto Bologna 194-200
Infrastructure and public space / infrastructure of public space: the case of the metropolis of São Paulo, Brazil PDF
Francesca Daprà 201-208
Network systems and connectivity in the regeneration processes of anthropized contexts PDF
Raffaela De Martino, Rossella Franchino, Caterina Frettoloso 209-216
The integration of physical and digital urban infrastructures: the role of “Big data” PDF
Cinzia Talamo, Nazly Atta, Claudio Martani, Giancarlo Paganin 217-225


Education, Research and Profession in the figure of Antonio Andreucci PDF


Recensioni PDF
Riccardo Pollo 234-235
Luca De Biase, Homo pluralis. Esseri umani nell'era tecnologica PDF
Lorenzo Matteoli 236-238
Maria Chiara Torricelli (a cura di), ES-LCA e patrimonio naturale Life Cycle Analisi ambientale e sociale di un’area protetta PDF
Daniela Bosia 238-240
Emilio Faroldi e Maria Pilar Vettori (a cura di), Storia e progetto. Il completamento di Cremona nell'intervento di City Hub PDF
Federico Bucci 240-242
Summary PDF
Cover PDF

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