TECHNE 17 (2019): Horizontality/verticality in architecture

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Note PDF
Maria Teresa Lucarelli 7-8


Horizontality and Verticality. Architecture between rooting and sky conquering PDF
Emilio Faroldi 9-15


The architecture between horizontality and verticality PDF
Eliana Cangelli, Maria Pilar Vettori 16-21
Landscape ethics. A borderless way of thinking PDF
Massimo Venturi Ferriolo 22-28
Hybrid dispositifs. Beyond the idea of vertical and horizontal PDF
Paola Scala 29-34
Mischbebauung and the vertical city PDF
Adalberto Del Bo 35-39
Rome babylon PDF
Rosario Pavia 40-46
Horizontality/verticality: research paths and themes for the project PDF
Aldo Norsa 47-51

Art Photography

Horizontality and verticality: Hong Kong Island and Brasilia PDF
Marco Introini 52-67

Essays and Viewpoint

Going underground. New dimensions for new urban models PDF
Filippo Lambertucci 68-77
Ambiguous effects of regional regulations on zero land consumption and on verticality in architecture PDF
Francesca Moraci, Celestina Fazia 78-85
Vertical/horizontal Milan: notes on urban quality in the recent transformation cycle of the city PDF
Bertrando Bonfantini 86-91
The contemporary project of the tall residential building, between density and intensity PDF
Matteo Moscatelli 92-99
The chinese ‘high and slender’ condominium PDF
Luca Maria Francesco Fabris, Gerardo Semprebon 100-109
Designing contemporary skyscrapers. Remarks on the technical and architectural evolution of tall buildings PDF
Dario Trabucco 110-118
Horizontal vs vertical. The public space in section PDF
Filippo Orsini, Pasquale Mei 119-132
Industry 4.0 and manufacturing in the city: a possible vertical development PDF
Andrea Ciaramella, Alberto Celani 133-142
The systemic approach in sustainable environmental planning: references to the ecology of living systems PDF
Matteo Clementi, Carlotta Fontana 143-151
Horizontality and verticality in architectures for health PDF
Stefano Capolongo, Grazia Giulia Cocina, Marco Gola, Gabriella Peretti, Riccardo Pollo 152-160

Research & Experimentation

Urban recycle. Regenerative strategies for the “horizontal city” PDF
Vincenzo Gioffré 161-170
Baugruppen. Innovation through collaborative infrastructures PDF
Virginia De Jorge-Huertas 171-182
Environmental design strategies in different-density-urban contexts PDF
Giacomo Chiesa 183-190
Parks and envelopes: reconceptualizing the intersection of public and private interests in HK PDF
Per-Johan Dahl 191-201
Energy effects of buildings density with solar access analysis PDF
Matteo Iommi 202-212
Envision the construction sector in 2050. Technological innovation and verticality PDF
Angelo Figliola 213-221
The high rise building in the development of the chinese city. A research experience PDF
Spartaco Paris, Roberto Bianchi 222-231
Up-one: problems issuing from upward extensions of 1950-1900 residential buildings PDF
Angelo Bertolazzi, Marco Campagnola, Giorgio Croatto, Agata Maniero, Umberto Turrini, Alberto Vignato 232-240
Rain(e)scape. The presence of water as order and figure. The case study of stagni di Levante in Ostia PDF
Manuela Raitano 241-250
Interpreting horizontality. Minor centers, intervention strategies and sustainable development PDF
Mariangela Bellomo, Angela D'Agostino 251-263
Rooftop architecture and urban roofscape: designing the new vertical city PDF
Oscar Eugenio Bellini, Martino Mocchi 264-277
Density - intensity. Material and immaterial elements in assessing urban quality PDF
Maria Federica Ottone, Roberta Cocci Grifoni, Graziano Enzo Marchesani, Dajla Riera 278-288


Horizontality/verticality. A Dialogue between Azzurra Muzzonigro and Stefano Boeri PDF


Reviews PDF
Francesca Giglio 300-301
Jan Gehl, Città per le persone PDF
Serena Viola 302-303
Matteo Moscatelli, L’edificio alto residenziale nell’architettura europea. 11 casi contemporanei PDF
Laura Calcagnini 304-305
Carlo Ratti, Mattew Claudel, La città di domani PDF
Domenico D’Olimpio 306-307

Industrial Research

The culture of innovation for the transformation of reality PDF
Alessandro Claudi de Saint Mihiel 308-311

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