TECHNE 3 (2012): Increasing the value of public building assets

Table of Contents

Roberto Palumbo 6-13


Introduction to the research contributions PDF
Maria Chiara Torricelli 14-15

Essays and Viewpoint

Foreword PDF
Ferdinando Terranova editor 16-17
Financial Strategies and Policies to Enhance the Public Building Stock PDF
Ferdinando Terranova 18-33
Exploitation, transfer and rationalization of public assets PDF
Loredana Giani 34-44
Small steps to emerge from the tunnel PDF
Dionisio Vianello 45-54
On the valorisation of public real estate properties: the valuation of programs and projects (feasibility study) PDF
Giampiero Bambagioni 55-61
Divestment of public real estate properties: adelante, ma con juicio PDF
Claudio Cacciamani, Federica Ielasi, Sonia Peron 62-64
Managerial competences as a strategic element in the decision-making of Real Estate Development PDF
Alberto Fecchio, Ernesto Casara 65-75
Temporary Residences: a becoming project PDF
Luisa Ingaramo 76-84
Improvement and alienation of public real estate PDF
Ferruccio Favaron 85-89
Building lease: a new financial opportunity for public infrastructures PDF
Aldo Norsa, Dario Trabucco 90-96
Lights and shadows on the management of the dismissed industrial heritage PDF
Augusto Vitale 97-101
Federico Oliva, Interview by Laura Ricci PDF
Laura Ricci 102-107
Gianni Guerrieri, Editorial interview PDF
Editorial interview 108-115
Stefano Scalera, Editorial interview PDF
Editorial interview 116-117
Paolo Buzzetti, Interview by Aldo Norsa PDF
Aldo Norsa 118-119
Giuseppe Roma, Editorial interview PDF
Editorial interview 120-121

Research & Experimentation

Enhancement and knowledge PDF
Cinzia Talamo 122-131
Experiments to Enhance Public Real Estate in Italy: the Case of the FIP Fund PDF
Andrea Ciaramella 132-139
Public cultural heritage properties enhancement and reuse strategies PDF
Stefania De Medici, Maria Rita Pinto 140-147
Planned preventive maintenance in the preservation of historic heritage sites as a first form of valorisation PDF
Paolo Gasparoli 148-157
Beyond Restoration. Valorization of the Public. Monumental Heritage Asset The Istituto degli Innocenti and the MUDI Project PDF
Carlo Terpolilli 158-171
Conservation and valorisation of Giovanni Boccaccio’s house museum in Certaldo Alto PDF
Massimo Gennari, Ginevra Bruscoli 172-185
Development of publicly-owned properties of historic-artistic interest PDF
Chiara Tonelli 186-195
The valorisation of abandoned railway yards. The case of Milan PDF
Elena Mussinelli, Cristina Marchegiani 196-205
Bari, a public mediterranean city: new projects to valorise public heritage PDF
Spartaco Paris, Vincenzo Paolo Bagnato 206-215
Increasing the value of the Public Building Assets: the former military sites redevelopment PDF
Riccardo Pollo 216-223
The enhancement of dismissed military barracks, a method for brownfield recovery PDF
Paola Pellegrini, Christina Conti 224-236
Renovation and development of the «Fortress of Bard» monument complex PDF
Giuseppe Cacozza 238-249
Cognitive study and upgrading of the 20th century architectonic heritage: experiences and methodologies PDF
Paola Ascione 250-261
Strategies for the regeneration of Social Housing. The «Diga» case, Genoa PDF
Giovanna Franco 262-269
Spaces for performances: recovery and increase in value between flexibility and interference PDF
Vittorio Fiore 270-279
The value of time PDF
Emilio Faroldi, Francesca Cipullo, Pietro Chierici 280-299

Network SITdA

Contributions from the Universities PDF


Italian summary PDF
English summary PDF
TECHNE 3 (2012): Increasing the value of public building assets (full issue) PDF
Cover PDF

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